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Mahanandi Temple


Mahanandiswara temple in Mahanandi mandal is a reputed pilgrim center and that dates back to the 7th century A.D.  It is Located at a distance of 14 Kms from Nandyal district.It is a scenic spot having its location to the east of the Nallamalas hill range in a natural set up of ravishing beauty surrounded by thick forest.   The remarkable feature here is the crystal clear water which flows throughout the year from perennial springs. The festival of Mahanandiswara is celebrated during February- March. Pilgrims and Tourists from all parts of India particularly South Indians visit this place throughout the year. Apart from the above there are other places like Pushkarani, a pond with water so clear and pure that even a pin at the bottom can be seen, KodandaRamalayam and Kameswari Devi temple are the visiting places.


Ahobilam Temple

Ahobilam Temple

It is a great religious center of antiquity and is situated at a distance of 68 Kms from Nandyal, 28 Kms from Allagadda.

At upper Ahobilam worship is offered to Navanarasimha (Nine Forms of Lord Narasimha) where as at lower Ahobilam down the hill the temple of Prahladavarada is located.  The Brahmotsavam is celebrated in the month of February – March attracting large number of devotees. Other sites worth seeing are Amruthavalli tavar temple, Sannidhi Pushkarini, Bhashyakara Sannindi.


Yaganti Temple

Yaganti Temple

Yaganti lies at a distance of 11 Kms from Banganapally and 74 Kms from Nandyal situated admists natural scenery with caves and water falls around.  The   presiding deity is Uma Maheswara Swamy popularly known as Yaganti Swamy.This deity is in the form of Statue and its tower posses beautiful sculptures.   The most striking scenic at this temple is huge Nandi of size of   15’ X 10’ X   8’.Mahasivaratri Festival celebrated here and attracts large gathering of Hindus.

Belum Caves:

Belum caves

Belum caves

Belum Caves are located near Belum village, Kolimigundla mandal in Nandyal district. The Caves lies at a distance of 79 Kms from Nandyal via Banaganapalli. Belum Caves made known in 1982 and which are the second largest natural caves in Indian Sub Continent after Meghalaya Caves.   These under ground caves are located on a flat agricultural field, have 3 well like cavities with the central one being the main entrance to the caves.

After a distance of 20 meters at the entrance, the cave is horizontal and has a length of 3229 meters.   Longer than Borra Caves in Vizag district, Belum caves have long passages, spacious chambers fresh water galleries and siphons.    There are some land marks inside named as “Simhadwaram”, “Kotilingalu”, “Manadapam” and “Pathalaganga”.  All this makes Belum Caves a geographical and archeological attraction worldwide.

Bramham Gari Matam-Banaganapalli:

Bramhamgari Matam

Banaganapalli us 85 kms away from Kurnool. Veera Bramham is well known this region. He lived in this area written “Kalagnanam” on palm leaves. Garimireddy Achamma has provided shelter to Veera Bramham and became his disciple. He worked as a Gopala in her house. Chintamani Matam and Nelamatam are famous in this town, Banaganapalli is famous for Mango Gardens.

Rolla Padu Sanctuary:

Rolla Padu Sanctuary:

The Rolla Padu Sanctuary is located in Midthur mandal and about a distance of 42 Kms from Nandyal. Apart from a wide variety birds and animals, this sanctuary is renowned as one of the last refuges of the endangered Great Indian Bustraed (Batta Meka Pitta), which is a hevy Ground Bird like a young ostrich or peahen.